“…In this composition, landscape and space-sound deliver each other further impulses enhancing the multifariousness of the experience space/sound. The coarse topography of the stinging nettles render material tangibility to the sounds – vice-versa, the sound provokes a comprehensive awareness of the space, forcing the recipient to get immersed in the architectural construction.”

Dr. Annette Hünnekens in:

Garden of Stinging Nettles

with Lilies and Space-sound,

Chapter “A Natural Orchestra Set in Botanical Architecture”
Neue Landschaft, Patzer Verlag Berlin, Issue May 2006

Sound examples

Klahn + Singer + Partner

Garden festival Castle Ippenburg

Enterable Space-soundInstallation for

“Garden of Stinging nettles with lilies”

Exhibition “Nature & Art” Castle Ippenburg 2005

Garden of Stinging Nettles with Lilies and Space-sound

Photo: © Markus Kraus

Exhibition “Nature & Art”
Garden festival Castle Ippenburg 2005
June 5th – August 28th, 2005


Garden of Stinging Nettles
with Lilies and Space-sound


Landscape architecture:
Ulrich Singer / Klahn + Singer + Partner


<sabine schäfer // joachim krebs>


Nature returns by stinging nettles into our cultivated landscape when it is nor anymore maintains. The lily, sign of purity, shines upon the wild field of stinging nettles. - And where is art? It is invisible, but audible. Surround sound out of hidden loudspeakers create an imaginary space. Visitors may be confused and astonished.

Ulrich Singer