The TopoSonic Art Project



AquaAngelusVox is the first space-sound composition realized by the artist-couple based exclusively on natural sounds and noises.


In 1998, on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of Hildegard von Bingen we developed the 16-channel Space-sound- Composition “AquaAngelusVox” which was first performed at the “Zeiss-Großplanetarium” Berlin as concert version for sixteen loudspeaker-groups and image projections. In the same year the world premier of the enterable, 16-limbed Space- soundBody took place at Ravensburg. Commissioned by DeutschlandRadio Kultur (DLR) the first radiophonous production "AerAquaAngelusVox" was created in 1998, too.


The great medieval mystics' accomplishments and creative work inspired the artist-couple to use the vital element "water" in six of its elementary manifestations as the basic material and the superior basic structure of the space-sound composition. This "natural sphere" oscillating constantly between "natural and artificial" appearances simultaneously provides the resonance field for the two additional space-sound layers: The angels symbolize sound microcosms of 18 “audio- and acoustically space-microscopied” birds' voices, as well as The Responsory "De Angelis" by Hildegard von Bingen interpreted by three women's voices representing the human being.


Hildegard von Bingen

© Dagmar Dieterich, Illustration



Sound examples of

„AquaAngelusVox – A TopoSonic Mandala with Hildegard von Bingen“

The basic sound category "water" characterizes the total of six Space-soundMilieux of the composition. Please, select from three audio examples of the Space-soundMilieux "Brook", "Rain" and "Sea" (mp3-format).

Brook Rain Sea


Work text Chapters:

I. AquaAngelusVox / II. Aqua / III. Angelus / IV. Vox


The Consistence Plan - a graphic score

The graphic score shows the arrangement of the sound materials of the three space-sound layers "Aqua", "Angelus" and "Vox", oriented towards the cycle of hours during a day:


The element water in six of its basically manifestations

II. The eighteen audio-microscopied bird voices



The original Responsory „De Angelis“ by Hildegard von Bingen sung by three female voices




„AquaAngelusVox“ - first performances / premieres / exhibitions since 2003


Art Museum Stuttgart 2006

“A MetamorphingSpace for electro-acoustic Spatial-sound art“

in the context of the ISCM World New Music Festival 2006 – „grenzenlos“

The performances of the 4-channel spatial sound composition „AquaAngelusVox“ are presented installative: Tue, 18.7. / Fri, 21.7. / Wed, 26.7., at each hours 10h – 14h as well as Sat, 29.7.06, 12h – 13h.



World premiere of the eight-limbed, accessible Space-soundBody "AquaAngelusVox" at the CCMIX-Festival Paris. In April 2005 CCMIX (Centre for the Creation of Music Iannis Xenakis) organised a festival on the topics "Music - Poetry - Science" at the Maison de la Poesies in Paris. We were invited to stage our Space-sound installation "AquaAngelusVox" at the historical restored vaulted cellar of the Maison de la Poésie during the festival took place.


MIDEM Cannes 2004

French premiere of the six-channel concert version in Cannes (F) on the occasion of the international music trade fair MIDEM on 01/31/2004.


ST. OSDAG Mandelsloh 2003

First performance and live recording of the 6-channel concert version in the 2+2+2 format in the church St. Osdag on 12/4/2003, published by MDG / music production Dabringhaus and Grimm.


Sound Art Festival Unna 2003

World premiere of the eight-channel space-sound composition for a concert, 8-limbed space-sound body in the Protestant city church Unna on 10/11/2003


Further premieres of versions of the TopoSonic Art Project "AquaAngelusVox" which have taken

place before 2003 see the artists´ work lists, please.




The DVD/CD publication by MDG Detmold:


- A TopoSonic Mandala with Hildegard von Bingen


in DVD-Audio (2+2+2)- und AC-3 5.1 surround format as well as Stereo-CD


The classic/high fidelity label MDG published the space-sound composition "AquaAngelusVox" as a bundle (stereo as well as multi-channel version) in spring 2004.

Information on the DVD/CD publication AquaAngelusVox.