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The TopoSonic Art Project

TopoSonic Spheres


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The text on the Space-soundComposition:

I. The Space-soundMaterial
II. The Space-soundMicroscopy
III. The Space-soundComposition


from "TopoSonic Spheres

– A Space-soundComposition


The 22 Space-soundMilieux of the piece have been created from natural, audio-microscopied sounds and noises, which are extracted from the underlying three basic categories of resources for material ”nature – animal – human”. Please, select from six sound examples of different space-sound milieux (mp3-format):


Metrioptera roeseli and Flies
Uromenus rugosicollis
Gryllotalpa vineae
Myrmeleotettix maculatus
Sounding metal objects



The CD/DVD publication

"TopoSonic Spheres – A Space-soundComposition"


in DTS 5.1-surround format as well as Stereo-CD


In collaboration with SWR (German Südwestrundfunk), a bundle has been released containing both the stereophonic and the 4-channel version. By means of the publication in DTS / 5.1 surround format, even multiple-channel versions of the artist duos´ Space-soundCompositions can now be heard in 'private space' as '3D Space-sound-(Installation)Experience'.

The Wergo-Website gives information on the CD/DVD publication as well as the bundle can be ordered there online, too.

You may order the CD/DVD bundle at the same address. CD/DVD publication "TopoSonic Spheres" by