“…In this composition, landscape and space-sound deliver each other further impulses enhancing the multifariousness of the experience space/sound. The coarse topography of the stinging nettles render material tangibility to the sounds – vice-versa, the sound provokes a comprehensive awareness of the space, forcing the recipient to get immersed in the architectural construction.”

Dr. Annette Hünnekens in:

Garden of Stinging Nettles

with Lilies and Space-sound,

Chapter “A Natural Orchestra Set in Botanical Architecture”
Neue Landschaft, Patzer Verlag Berlin, Issue May 2006




Metrioptera roeseli and Flies
Uromenus rugosicollis
Gryllotalpa vineae
Myrmeleotettix maculatus
Sounding metal objects


Enterable Space-soundInstallation for

“Garden of Stinging nettles with lilies”

Exhibition “Nature & Art” Castle Ippenburg 2005

Garden of Stinging Nettles with Lilies and Space-sound

Photo: © Markus Kraus

Exhibition “Nature & Art”
Garden festival Castle Ippenburg
June 5th – August 28th, 2005


Garden of Stinging Nettles
with Lilies and Space-sound


Landscape architecture:
Klahn + Singer + Partner


<sabine schäfer // joachim krebs>


Nature returns by stinging nettles into our cultivated landscape when it is nor anymore maintains. The lily, sign of purity, shines upon the wild field of stinging nettles. - And where is art? It is invisible, but audible. Surround sound out of hidden loudspeakers create an imaginary space. Visitors may be confused and astonished.

Ulrich Singer