“Luminous SOUND”

as >>emerging existence<< in space and time


"Sounding LIGHT"

as >>existing emergence<< of time in space



Studio <SA/JO>


Sabine Schäfer



At the center of the micro-sound-LED-light-art of <SA/JO> is the perception of “resounding-shining” nature, the unknown world that is hidden within animal voices’ and light’s sound, color, and space microcosms.
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SolarSonic Insects


MicroSonical Shining Biospheres


Co-operations with scientists an scientific institutions


Publications (selection)



Deleuze and the Sampler as an Audio-Microscope
On the music-historical-esthetical and philosophical foundations of the digital, micro-acoustic recording, analysing and production process "EndoSonoScopy”
2010, LIBRI Publishing U.K.

ISBN 9781 9047 50277

Published article


TopoSonic Arts
Aesthetics and selected works of the artist couple 1997-2006
Including a documentation of the spatial sound art projects by the
solo artists Schäfer and Krebs 1994-1999
2007, Ed. Kehrer Heidelberg (Engl./Ger., CD Supplement)


TopoSonic Spheres
22 Space-soundMilieus with
Sound-microscopied voices of insects and nature sounds
CD / DVD WERGO Schott Mainz


with Works by the artist couple <SA/JO> and the solo artists


Since July 2011: mediaartbase.de – Data collection for international media art www.mediaartbase.de


Since December 2011: sonospheres.org an archive for radio plays of sonic art with productions of the radio station “DeutschlandRadio Kultur”

Since 2008 “Weserburg” Museum for Modern Art Bremen:
Radio As Art“ – Archive for radio art

Since 2007: audio and video collection of the Media Library | Center for Art and Media (ZKM) www.zkm.de

Archives of the „Deutscher Musikrat“, CD series:
„Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000“ und „Edition Zeitgenössische Musik“ Compositions by the solo artists Joachim Krebs and Sabine Schäfer


Current Exhibitions

Science Center „phaeno“ Wolfsburg
TopoSonic Tunnel
Accessible Space-soundBody within the architecture by Zaha Hadid Permanent exhibition, Tue – Sun: 10h –18h, www.phaeno.de


Center for Art and Media (ZKM) / VIP Lounge

Sonic Lines n´Rooms No.7

Collection of the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe
Permanent Exhibition

Bern University of the Arts
Space-sound object
Permanent exhibition at the department Music and Media Art, www.medien-kunst.ch
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Studio <SA/JO>


The studio <SA/JO> was founded in 1998 by the couple of artists <sabine schäfer // joachim krebs> (since 2009 named <SA/JO>). Since 2014, beyond the veil of Joachim Krebs, the Studio <SA/JO> is continued by Sabine Schäfer.


Joachim Krebs:

Wikipedia: Joachim Krebs

Sabine Schäfer:

Wikipedia: Sabine Schäfer


<SA/JO> Sabine Schäfer / Joachim Krebs
Foto: © Felix Groß


TopoSonic Arts
– To Render the Inaudible Audible

The Acoustic Microcosm of
Animal Voices and Natural Sounds

Since 1998, our Space-sound art has focused – and does so almost exclusively today – on the so far practically unknown „Space-sound world of micro-acoustic dimensions“ of animal voices and natural sounds, a world at the first glance concealed „inside“ nature’s sounds and noises.

In order to render the „intrinsic“ acoustic micro-dimensions of both animal voice and natural sound we developed a universally unique further specifically scientific/acoustic procedure by the end of the 1990, the so-called „TopoSonic-Audio-Slow-motion“ and „Inner Space-sound Microscopy“ (Endo-Sono-Microscopy) using a computer-based instrumental equipment.

Using these universal-elementary and quasi „trans-cultural“ Space-sound materials, we have now, among others, been able to realize Space-sound art works which continuously oscillate between „natural“ (nature) and „artificial“ (arts) sounds and which directly address human on a holistic level, as far as possible beyond national language and intellectual barriers – the listener does not need any specific preliminary cultural knowledge – to offer him/her, in the first place, an extraordinary „listening experience“.


The Range of TopoSonic Art Works 1998 and 2006

The range of TopoSonic Art projects we realized in the past years at a wide variety of performance and installation locations covers:


Radiophonous-electro-acoustical Space-sound compositions, e.g.



TopoSonic Spheres – A Space-soundComposition (2004)
ProsaPhon(ie) – A sonoTopological Speech-sound Consistency Machine (2002)
AquaAngelusVox – A Space-soundMandala with Hildegard von Bingen (1998)



as well as:  

Concert-based installative performances
by internationally prestigious festivals for Contemporary Music, e.g.



Sonic Lines n´Rooms (Internationale Donaueschinger Musiktage 1999)
…raumKLANGraum…entgrenzend… (ISCM World New Music Festival 2006)




Purely installative circumambulatory and enterable Space-soundBodies with staged light
for open (natural) space (so-called „listening islands“) as well as
closed (art) spaces (so-called „listening room with staged light“),
These are added quasi „invisibly“, e.g.



Outdoors: Garden Festival „Natur und Kunst“ Castle Ippenburg (2005)
Indoors: Science Center „phaeno“ Wolfsburg, Architecturs: Zaha Hadid
(Permanent exhibition since Nov. 2005)



Or else presented as a „stand-alone“ and/or „space in space“ concept, e.g.

    Space-sound tent SonicRooms (1998)


Audio Video installations


The art project series MicroSonical Shining Biospheres

The audio video installation MicroSonical Shining Biospheres No.1 (2009)


The audio video installation and the MicroSound-LED-Video-Light-Triptych #2 (2012)