Drosophila melanogaster SEM 100:1

Photo. © Jürgen Berger MPI Tübingen, Germany

The TopoSonic Art Project

TopoSonic Spheres


TopoSonic Spheres is a comprehensive space-sound art project. In its context, the artists' couple has created and produced varied space-sound installations as well as versions conceived for performances, broadcasting and exhibitions. Below, you will find the most prominent recent TopoSonic Spheres project data.



CD-/DVD publication

„TopoSonic Spheres – A Space-soundComposition“


The text on the Space-soundComposition:

I. The Space-soundMaterial

II. The Space-soundMicroscopy

III. The Space-soundComposition




As in all space-sound compositions and installations produced since 1998 by the couple of artists <sabine schäfer // joachim krebs> it is especially the 'audio microscopied' animal voices and sounds of nature that constitute the basic and source material of their latest Space-soundComposition 'TopoSonic Spheres' commissioned by the SWR (German South West Radio) in 2004.

By using computer-assisted digital sound processors (samplers) and a special analysis and production procedure of sound and acoustic space microscopy ('EndoSonoScopy') developed by Joachim Krebs (in 1996 in relation to his project “Artificial Soundscapes”), the inner richness and lively variety of previously inaudible acoustic-molecular internal structures of the noises and sounds of natural origin are made audible.



„TopoSonic Spheres“ Performances / Exhibitions / Radio transmissions



Festival „Música Viva“ 2007 Portugal www.misomusic.com Lisbon/Porto Sept. 11th to 23rd, 2007
20.9.07 Lecture by the artist-couple
21.9.07 Concert „TopoSonic Spheres“ (Portuguese first performance)


Art Museum Stuttgart 14th – 29th July 2006

“A MetamorphingSpace for electro-acoustic Spatial-sound art“

In the context of the ISCM World New Music Festival 2006 – „grenzenlos“

The performances of the 4-channel spatial sound composition „TopoSonic Spheres“ are presented installative:

Sun, 16.7. / Thu, 20.7. / Tue, 25.7. / Fri, 28.7. respectively 10h – 14h
Sat, 29.7.06, 11h – 12h


Festival “Nature & Art” at Castle Ippenburg (GER), May until Sept. 2005

“Garden of Stinging Nettles with Lilies and Space-sound”

Landscape architecture: Ulrich Singer / Klahn + Singer + Partner, Germany

The Spatial-sound installation was created with a mix of single Space-soundMilieus from TopoSonic Spheres


DeutschlandRadio Berlin / DLR

HörspielWerkstatt 02/11/2005, 0.05 a.m

broadcast of the stereophonous space-sound composition


ECLAT Festival Neue Musik Stuttgart

Theaterhaus Pragsattel, 01/31/2005, 8 p.m.

performance of the four-channel space-sound composition for a concert, 5-limbed space-sound body


Hessischer Rundfunk Frankfurt / HR

HR2 Crossover 12/30/2004, 23.05 p.m.

first broadcast of the stereophonous space-sound composition


Center for Art and Media - ZKM Karlsruhe

ZKM Kubus, 09/19/2004, 7 p.m.

world premiere of the four-channel space-sound composition for a concert, 5-limbed space-sound body


SWR ars acustica

SWR2 Klangraum, 04/06/2004, 11.05 p.m.

first broadcast of the Dolby surround version