Projects by the Duo

of Composers and Media Artists


<sabine schäfer // joachim krebs>


Space-sound Works 2006 – 1997


TopoSonic Art Project Series „Audio-Biosphere“ (since 2007)
Development of a project series consisting of enterable/circumambulatory Space-soundBodies with light installations, for micro-acoustic animal voices and nature sounds.
The ambulatory space for electroacoustic Space-sound art
...raumKlangraum…entgrenzend… (2006)
Concept/curating by <sabine schäfer // joachim krebs>
Listening Space with LED lighting for a 4-limb enterable Space-soundBody with works by L. Ferrari, R. Minard, M.Schafer, J.S. Sistermanns, H. Westerkamp and the artists couple. Art Museum Stuttgart in the context of the ISCM World New Music Festival 2006
TopoSonic Tunnel (2005)
Enterable Space-soundBody
Purchased by the City of Wolfsburg
Permanent exhibition since Nov. 2005
Science Centre PHAENO Wolfsburg, Architect: Zaha Hadid
Garden of Stinging Nettles with Lilies and Space-sound (2005)
Enterable Space-soundBody
Landscape architecture: Ulrich Singer
Exhibition "Nature & Art"
Garden festival Castle Ippenburg, 2005
The TopoSonic Art Project „TopoSonic Spheres“ (2004)
Radiophonous Dolby surround Space-soundComposition first broadcast in 2004, SWR
Commission by the Südwestrundfunk (SWR)
Publication on DVD/CD (dts 5.1 / Stereo): WERGO / ARTIST.CD
Stereophonic version first broadcast in 2004, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR)
First performance of the 4-channel Space-soundComposition: 2004 ZKM Karlsruhe
Premiere of the enterable Space-soundBody: 2006, Art Museum Stuttgart
The TopoSonic Art Project “AquaAngelusVox“ (since 1997)
„AquaAngelusVox - A Hildegard von Bingen SoundSpace”
16-channel Space-soundComposition for a 16-limbed Space-soundBody
First performance: 1998 Ravensburg
Version for 16 loudspeaker groups and image projection:
First performance 1998 Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin (presentation of the DeutschlandRadio/DLR Berlin)
„AquaAngelusVox - A Space-soundMandala with Hildegard von Bingen”
Published on DVD/CD (AC-3 5.1 / DVD-Audio 2+2+2 / stereo) by MDG 2004
First performance of the 8-channel Space-soundComposition: Unna 2003
First performance of the 6-channel Space-soundComposition: Cannes 2004
Premiere of the enterable, 8-limbed Space-soundBody: Paris 2005
Premiere of the enterable, 4-limbed Space-soundBody: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart 2006
TopoSonic Lines n’ Rooms (2002)
8-channel Space-soundComposition for a 8-limbed concert-based Space-soundBody
Commission by the "Inventionen Berlin"
First performance: 2002 Inventionen - Berlin Festival of Contemporary Music
TopoSonic Lines n’ Rooms with Instruments (2002)
Space-soundComposition for a 12-limbed concert-based Space-soundBody
with 8 loudspeakers and 4 instrumentalists (fl, ob, clar, perc)
Commission by the AUDI Kulturfonds
in co-operation with the "Munich Biennale - International Festival of Contemporary Music Theatre"
First performance: 2002 museum mobile Ingolstadt
ProsaPhon(ie) (2001/2002)
- A Sonotopological Speech-sound Consistency Machine
With text lines by Konrad Bayer (49:51)
SoundSpeechMilieu No 1 with <town> (14’31”)
SoundSpeechMilieu No 2 with <he she man>, 3rd version (10’33”)
SoundSpeechMilieu No 3 with <escape>, (24’45”)
Voices: Rufus Beck, Peter Fitz, Friedhelm Ptok
Commission by the SüdwestRundfunk (SWR)
First broadcast in 2002, SWR
The TopoSonic Art Project Series „Sonic Lines n’ Rooms“ (1999-2001):
Sonic Lines n’ Rooms No. 7 (2001)
12-limbed, enterable Space-soundBody
Permanent exhibition at the Center for Art and Media Technology - ZKM Karlsruhe
in the VIP Lounge of the Society for the Promotion of Art and Media Technology (Purchase)
Sonic Lines n’ Rooms No. 5 (2001)
8-limbed, enterable Space-soundBody:
Premiere 2001 ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe
8-channel Space-soundComposition:
First performance 2001 LimitedNOISE Festival @ 291 Gallery London.
Sonic Lines n’ Rooms No. 4 (1999)
8-channel Space-soundComposition
First performance 2001 10th Florida Electro-acoustic Music Festival Gainesville (USA)
Sonic Lines n’ Rooms No. 3 (1999)
8-channel Space-soundComposition
First performance 2000 Wiretap 6.07 / TIME-BASED SPACE Rotterdam


Room 4 of Sonic Lines n’ Rooms (1999)
8-limbed, enterable Space-soundBody
Premiere 2001 Festival MIX.01 Aarhus
Room 3 of Sonic Lines n’ Rooms (1999)
8-limbed, enterable Space-soundBody
Premiere 2000 KlangArt Buch / Academy for Fine Arts Berlin
Room 2 of Sonic Lines n’ Rooms (1999)
8-limbed, circumambulatory Space-soundBody
Room 1 of Sonic Lines n’ Rooms (1999)
8-limbed, circumambulatory Space-soundBody
Premiere 1999 Audio-Art Festival Warsaw
Sonic Lines n’ Rooms (1998/99)
Stereophonic Space-soundComposition
First broadcast in 2000, Sender Freies Berlin / SFB *radio kultur
Sonic Lines n’ Rooms
32 channel Space-soundComposition
for an enterable, 4-limbed Space-soundBody with 4 x 8 loudspeakers
Commission by the Südwestrundfunk (SWR)
First performance 1999 International Festival of Contemporary Music Donaueschingen
SonicLines No. 1 (1997)
8-channel composition for a Space-soundObject with 8-limbed loudspeaker ensemble.
Commission by the Goethe Institute Rome
First performance 1998 35th Festival of Nuova Consonanza Rome
- A radiophonic sound journey with Hildegard (1998)
dedicated to Hildegard von Bingen
Commission by the DeutschlandRadio Berlin (DLR)
First broadcast in 1998, DLR
TopoPhonicAmbience No. 2 - Skylark with Sea (1998)
8-channel Space-soundEnvironment
First performance: 1998 Technology Park (TPK) Karlsruhe
SonicRooms No. 1 (1997) and SonicRooms No. 2 (1998)
8-channel Space-soundCompositions
for the 8-limbed, enterable Space-soundBody “Sound Tent”
Premiere - one man exhibition "Sonic Rooms": 1998 Städtische Galerie "Fruchthalle" Rastatt
The TopoSonic Art Project Series “Sonic Rooms” (1997-98)
Development of a series of enterable Space-soundBodies
Since 1997 Development of lighted, enterable, circumambulatory and concert-based Space-soundBodies