Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Collection zone Level 0



staged light of the listening site


Art Museum Stuttgart

14. - 29. July 2006


…raumKLANGraum…entgrenzend… (2006)

A MetamorphingSpace for electroacoustic Spatial-sound art

by <sabine schäfer // joachim krebs>


with works by Luc Ferrari „Les Anecdotiques“ (2002), Robin Minard „The Book of Spaces“ (2004), Hildegard Westerkamp „Into India“ (1997–2002), R. Murray Schafer „Winter Diary 1997“, Johannes S. Sistermanns „on wide field“ (2006) and <sabine schäfer // joachim krebs> „TopoSonic Tunnel“ (2005), „TopoSonic Spheres“ (2004), „AquaAngelusVox“ (1998/2003).


in the context of the

ISCM World New Music Festival „grenzenlos“

14.-29. July 2006

The Organizer: ”The ISCM World New Music Festival is the official festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). The Festival is initiated every year by one of the 50 national members of the ISCM. It has last been staged in Germany in 1995. With a worldwide reputation, it is the largest festival of modern music and presents the latest artistic projects and technologies in contemporary music.”


Programme MetamorphingSpace


Further information about the project

The enterable Space-sound lightBody „...raumKLANGraum…entgrenzend…“ is created especially for the Art Museum Stuttgart and is part of a project series with „listening sites with staged light“ that started in 2005 with the permanent enterable Space-soundBody „TopoSonic Tunnel“ we realized for the new Science Centre phaeno in Wolfsburg. These „listening sites“ are meant as an intent to make „naturally produced“ and „artificially composed“ (here in the literal sense of “componere” (lat.): to arrange) as well as purely (space-)sound-based phenomena and the forms of spheres of nature, live animals and humans of „our“ earth experiencable as radically as possible in a listening experience as pure as it can be. It is just the presentation of an “abstract”-reduced and visual elementarizing light installation along with discrete illumination of the proper listening space within the „space on location“ referring only to sound that offers the chance to realize an audio-imagined un-limitation of space exclusively through sound.


A MetamorphingSpace for electroacoustic Spatial-sound art

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Collection zone room 11

We have chosen two of the most important – surely undisputedly on an international level – representatives for electroacoustic sound art to tag the beginning and the end respectively of the ISCM World New Music Festival in a purely „acoustic“ manner. The French composer Luc Ferrari will lighten the „acoustic fire“ on a central site in Stuttgart, in the „innermost space“ of the newly built Art Museum quasi programmatically with his „acoustically imagined journey around the world“. The founding father of the Acoustic Ecology movement, R. Murray Shafer from Canada, makes us "see with our ears" and will dismiss the festival and museum audience only a few hours before the official final concert of the world music days in a „silence quasi rendered audible“ of a Canadian winter landscape.... In between ... acoustic species of becoming …


<sabine schäfer // joachim krebs> May 2006